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ASAP General Contractors, Inc. is your D.C. and Maryland area hail, rain, and wind damage specialists. 24/7 Emergency Service Available.
Marked Roof with Hail Damage - Hail Damage in Washington, D.C.

Minimizing or Preventing Roof Storm Damage

There are certain actions you can take to reduce the likelihood of roof storm damage occurring or to minimize any damage that might occur. Before the next storm hits, it's worth your while to at least give your roof a quick inspection. It is recommended to inspect both your roof and gutters to minimize, or even prevent, storm damage from high winds, heavy rain, or a tornado.


Inspect for:
  • Missing or loose shingles
  • Missing granules
  • Missing or loose nails
  • Flashing damage


Many homeowners overlook the gutters because they're focused on the roof itself. Gutters are truly your home's first line of defense against basement leaks, foundation damage, and other problems. Be sure to:
  • Check that the downspouts are draining correctly and have proper runoff
  • Clear any debris in the gutters, such as leaves, twigs, branches, animal nests, etc.
  • Make sure the gutters or downspouts aren't loose or vulnerable in any way
Sometimes storm damage is unavoidable. If your roof has experienced damage,
call our professional roofers at ASAP General Contractors, Inc.